About Us

Greater Springfield Endodontics

--Where we pride ourselves on patient care--
Our team at Greater Springfield Endodontics is committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients. Dr. Massey is focused on providing a calm, anxiety free appointment. He is aware that as an Endodontist he may be the last person a patient wants to see and makes it a point to always provide a fun and relaxing environment.
“Service before Self” and “Excellence in All We Do” are two of our core values that we want to exemplify to each patient. If you are nervous Dr. Massey offers a television screen and headphones to distract you while getting the root canal done or you can listen to the witty banter between the Dr. and his assistants. We also provide blankets if you are cold and many other accommodations to help give you the best experience possible in our office.
Up front we are passionate about being a smiling face to all of our patients. The dynamic of our office is unique. Unlike a general dentist office we only see our patients once, for their root canal procedure. It is our mission to make sure that one visit leaves a lasting impression with each patient.